Today the capitalist system is facing the worst crisis in its history. The worsening of its contradictions is reflected in Latin America and the Caribbean in the intensification of the US imperialist pretensions to preserve its hegemony in the continent, which has led them to act more aggressively against the progressive governments as shown in the Coup in Honduras, the military occupation of Haiti, the blockade against Cuba, the coup against President Correa in Ecuador and the hostility towards the governments of Hugo Chavez in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia.

Before this assault, the peoples and the progressive governments of the region propose the consolidation of alternatives for integration like ALBA, Petrocaribe, Unasur and Caricom, which have permitted to stop the FTAA imperialist project.

In this context, and with the intention of strengthening the proposal made in the Declaration of the First Seminar held in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on December 5th and 6th of the year 2009, we want to express our support to the social movements for reinvindication of the Afrocaribbean and Indoamerican identity, the defense of the right of women and children, the equity of gender, in the task to build a new post-capitalist civilization.

We propose a reinforcement of the efforts for sovereignty and independence of the people who are still under the colonialist yoke in the Caribbean, by bringing our support to the decolonization movements in Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadalupe, French Guyana, British Virgin Island, Netherlands Antilles, Montserrat and Anguila.
We demand that the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany and Canada return to Haiti the billions of dollars taken from the Haitian people since 1825; the removal of the foreign forces and the mining companies in Haiti and the right of self determination by the Haitian people.

We express our solidarity with the people of Haiti and we demand that the international community render the soonest and effective contribution to the fight against the cholera epidemic and the effects of the earthquake of January 12th, 2010.

We also support the demands of the Non Aligned Countries to reform the UN System, and to expand the Security Council permanent members by including other countries, that better represent the international community and to remove the veto power.

We call on the people of Latin America and the Caribbean to cooperate and to take sovereign control of the region’s natural resources, to engage in the production of finished goods for local consumption and export in order to break the existent patterns of trade, which operate in the advantage of the imperialist countries of the North.

We denounce the planetary ecological crisis as another facet of the destructive logic of global capitalism. Therefore, we reinvindicate the right of the people of the Caribbean, Latin America and the rest of the world to construct a new clean, sustainable, equal and participative model of development that would contribute to revert the environmental damages inflicted to the region by the colonialist and imperialist depredation.

Within the framework of the 2011 Declaration by the UN as world year of the afrodescendants, we convoke the social movements and popular organizations to reinforce the fight for their rights and to face the plans of the international Right, led by the White House and Barack Obama, to prevent the participation of afrodescendants in the political changes that are taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We call on the Caricom governments to open discussions on the operation of Telesur in the Caribbean and that the programs produced in the Caribbean be transmitted in Latin America.

We salute the achievement of the summit of the Head of States and Governments, that will take place in the city of Caracas in which will be settled the basis for the unity of our continent by the creation of the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States.

We exhort the people and governments of Costa Rica and Nicaragua to reinforce the ties of friendship and solidarity to solve their border controversies by means of negotiations.

We demand the right of the former presidents Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti to return to their countries.

We demand that the US Government liberate immediately the five Cuban antiterrorist heroes as well as the Puerto Rican political prisoners unjustly condemned.

We demand that all the integration organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean to confer the status of observer member to Puerto Rico, in support of its fight for the defense of national rights in the framework of Latin American brotherhood.

We are committed to work for the transformation of our educational systems, to strengthen the Caribbean identity of the new generations and to deepen the interchange and solidarity between the different linguistic groups of the region.

We support the proposal for the creation of the Higher Institute of Studies of Integration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (included annexed).

Approved unanimously in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. December 4th, 2010.

Yoland J. London (Nacional Youth Council), Cosweald Carter (Rastafari Working Committee), John Sorrillo (IVCC Port-of-Spain), Daliana Guanipa(B.A in International Affairs), Arthur Bobb (Winward Islands Farmer Association), Descima Hamilton, Hector Pesquera (Movimiento Independentista de Puerto Rico), Tyrone Smith (P.M.C), Gustavo Fernández Colón(Universidad de Carabobo), Diógenes Díaz (Red de Afrodescendientes de Venezuela), Forbs Deon Abrams (Pan African Movement of Guyana), Muriel A. Byam (Nacional Council of Women), Theophilus Shallow (SVG Social Investment Fund), Curtis M. King (SVG Grammar School), Ashecia Sam (Agency for Public Information), Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs (Inivershall Rastafari Movement Inc), Parnel R. Campbell (Law Chambers), Khafra Kambon (Emancipation Support Committee T&T), Robert (Bobby) Clarke (Clement Payne Movement), Ildefonso Blanco (PDV Caribe SVG Ltd), Stiven Tremaria Adan (PDV Caribe), David Comissiong(Clement Payne Movement), Jomo S. Thomas (People’s Movement for Change), Edgar B. Adams (Local historian, Carlos Ruiz (MPPRE-Venezuela).

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